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5 Must-Visit Destinations in Kyoto!

Posted at September 11, 2018 11:09 by vacasion in Vacation
5 Must-Visit Destinations in Kyoto! – Kyoto was one of the interesting and exciting destinations in Japan . There are many things that can be seen and enjoyed when you visit this city. Starting from the culinary, shopping centers to some interesting historic destinations scattered throughout the city.

Call it Gion District, the ancient Japanese emperor's house, the Kyoto Imperial Palace, to the charming Fushimi Inari. Although only a few interesting destinations in Kyoto can be mentioned. Indeed there are many other interesting destinations in Kyoto, this article will discuss 5 Must-Visit Destinations in Kyoto. At a minimum, step on your feet in these 5 destinations, if you're in Kyoto. What are they?

1. Gion District

 Gion District
Gion District ( source )

Gion is a famous entertainment district and a place where you can meet Geisha on the east bank of the Kamo-gawa river in Kyoto. While Gion was originally a place where tea shops served visitors who were exhausted after going to Yasaka Shrine (Yasaka-jinja). It is said that in the mid-18th century the Gion area was the biggest place for fun in Kyoto.

Even though modern architecture now rises everywhere, traffic is congested and nightlife begins to appear, but there are still some places left in Gion to take a walk while enjoying a pleasant trail of Gion's history. This Gion does seem pretty boring during the day, but when night falls, the sparkling life is only seen.

Especially in the southern part, there is still a row of traditional restaurants from the 17th century and tea houses. Many of these places were for geisha skills. Meanwhile at the south end you will find Gion Corner, and Gion Kobu Kaburen-jo Theater. Also if you walk from Shijo-dori to the northern part of Hanami-Kōji, you will reach Shinbashi-dori with its traditional rows of restaurants.

A little further north are Shinmonzen-dori and Furumonzen-dori that line east to west . Navigating in both directions along this road, you will find old houses, art galleries and shops that specialize in selling antiques. But don't expect to get antiques like at a flea market here. Some do sell it quite expensive. Oh yeah, this Gion is only about 1 minute stiff walk from Shijō Station, Keihan line. It's quite easy to find the location.

2. Kyoto Imperial Palace

 Kyoto Imperial Palace
Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace, this is also commonly known as Gosho in Japanese. This is a vast complex surrounded by a high wall in the middle of Kyoto Imperial Palace Park. It was once the residence of the Japanese emperor, although it is no longer used as an official residence.

The original imperial palace here was built in 794 and was replaced many times after several times destroyed by fire. The imperial building which is now built in a different and smaller place than the original, was built in 1855. Although not used as a place to live, the coronation of the new emperors and other state ceremonies is still held here.

The Gosho may not be too late interesting for some people when compared to other attractions in Kyoto. In addition, you must first apply for permission to enter and visit. However, the vast park around Kyoto Imperial Palace Park is a park that is open to the public from morning to evening. Of course this place may be visited freely without difficult application procedures, because this is one of the open green spaces of Kyoto City.

3. Fushimi Inari Taisha

 Fushimi Inari Taisha
Fushimi Inari Taisha

With a view of the temple or torii gate that seemed endless and scattered in thick wooded mountains, this vast temple complex is the most impressive in Kyoto. The entire Fushimi Inari complex consists of five temples, Scattered on the slopes of Mount Inari. Towards all the temples you have to go through the Ketas Ride around 4km, with some supporting temples around it.

Fushimi Inari was originally made to be dedicated to the gods of rice and sake by the Hata family in the 8th century to ensure prosperity in business. At present, Fushimi temple is one of the most popular temples in Japan to visit. So if you're visiting Kyoto, make sure to stop by Fushimi Inari. The trick is to take the JR Nara line to Inari, then connect with the Keihan line to Fushimi-Inari.

4. Kinkaku-Ji

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Kyoto is indeed famous for the 'Golden Pavilion', and Kinkaku-ji is one of the tourist attractions in Japan's most famous. The main hall was covered with sparkling gold leaf, and shone above the pond which reflected its shadow amazingly. Needless to say, because its beauty can be enjoyed and seen every day of the year. Noteworthy is, come here in the morning or a few moments before closing. Besides that the ideal time to visit is on weekdays.

The original building was built in 1397 which was used to retire for Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. Then the shogun's son turns it into a temple. Unfortunately, in 1950 a young monk set it on fire.

The monk's story was then told to Mishima Yukio's fictional title, The Golden Pavilion. Only in 1955 was the full reconstruction completed by following the original design. The way to Kinkaku-ji is by taking Kyoto City bus no 205 from Kyoto Station to Kinkakuji-michi, then proceed with Kyoto City bus number 59 from Sanjo-Keihan to Kinkakuji-mae.

5. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

 Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Walking the vast bamboo forest of Arashiyama is like entering another world in Kyoto. Thick green bamboo stems appear to be endless in every direction, especially coupled with the presence of light that seems mystical from the sidelines of bamboo. You certainly won't be able to resist not trying to take some photos. However, the photo will not be able to clearly describe the original condition. Come here, seeing for yourself will be more fun.

By Bus, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest can be reached by taking Kyoto City bus No. 28 from Kyoto Station to Arashiyama-Tenryuji-mae. If using the train, take the JR Sagano / San-in line to Saga-Arashiyama or the Hankyū line to Arashiyama, which has to change trains at Katsura. This place is open from noon to late afternoon.

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