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7 Fun Things During Holidays in Genting Highlands

Posted at September 15, 2018 23:33 by vacasion in Vacation
7 Fun Things During Holidays in Genting Highlands

Holidays in Malaysia are not complete without a visit to Genting Highlands, around 58 km or 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. The Genting Highlands with temperatures between 15-22 degrees Celsius is arguably the most suitable recreation area for those who want calm, natural beauty and cool air, and importantly not far from the capital. Similar relation Jakarta and Peak if on the island of Java.

Only at Genting Highlands is Resorts World Genting, the main tourist destination centered on one location, consisting of a mall, hotel -hotel, theme park, casino, etc. All are integrated with safe & comfortable transportation access that makes it easy for tourists to come & go.

Imagine that Resorts World Genting annually receives visits of up to 20 million visitors. TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE ALL! But don't imagine the atmosphere crowded like in the market, Resorts World Genting is really big and wide so we still find many quiet spots of visitors.

Now, please refer to what we can do during the holidays in Genting Highlands (and become part of the twenty million tourists):

  1. Vacation at Genting Highlands Will Excite to Ride the Awana Skyway Gondola

  2.  awana Genting Highlands skyway - when else can you ride the gondola between the hills
    awana Genting Highlands skyway – when else can you ride a gondola between the hills

    Since Genting Highlands is popular as tourist destination in Malaysia, everyone who has been there definitely recommends to ride the gondola. Unexpectedly, I was unexpectedly finally finally arrived, I went up gondola Awana Skyway . Each cabin can contain up to 10 passengers (ticket fare is RM 8 / one way person). We climbed from the top station on Sky Avenue Mall, to the Chin Swee Temple station, and ended at Awana Transport Hub at Genting Highlands Premium Outlets. All are taken in about 10 minutes (track length of about 2.8 km). If you want to go back and forth too, but pay the double fee, hehehe.

     Like this glass floor appearance at Gondola Awana Skyway
    Like this glass floor appearance in gondola Awana Skyway

    If you have more budget, try riding a gondola with a glass floor (RM 50 ticket fee / one way person). The sensation of being at an altitude with a glass floor makes the heart excited. Some friends who are afraid of heights are reluctant to touch their feet or look at the floor. But overall this gondola ride is really fun and worth a try (with or without a glass floor). You can see Genting Highlands from a height without any hindrance. Especially if the fog is falling, it feels like you're venturing from hill to hill through the clouds.

  1. Visit Chin Swee Temple

  2.  chin swee temple - sky terrace & pagoda
    chin swee temple – sky terrace & pagoda

    Half journey between Genting Highlands Premium Outlets and SkyAvenue (or vice versa) visitors can come to Chin Swee Temple which has attracted attention from a distance with the 9-level pagoda that pops up on the hill (supposedly we can see the panorama of KL city from the top of the pagoda tower). This temple was founded by the founder of Genting Highlands itself, Lim Goh Tong, as a tribute to Chin Swee, a model Buddhist priest.

     Chin Swee Temple - Buddha Statue
    Chin Swee Temple – Buddha statue

    This vast Chin Swee Temple complex consists of several parts such as the pagoda tower, Sky Terrace or a large courtyard above the temple complex, 'Ten Chambers of Hell' or small caves that depict hell dioramas, to a tall Buddha statue 15 meters. In its development this temple is not only visited by the congregation, but has become an attractive tourist attraction for all groups. Believe me, the atmosphere of peace and calm really feels here.

  1. Trekking in Fashion Forest

  2.  fashion forest - forest with trees of old age
    fashion forest – forest with old trees ” width=”800″ height=”533″ srcset=” 800w, 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” data-recalc-dims=”1″/>
    Nature lovers can still enjoy time in Genting Highlands, especially in the Fashion Forest. I tell you, you have to have the courage to trekking in this forest, because in some locations there is the presence of a pacifier. But actually it can be avoided by applying insect repellent lotion on the legs, hands, or other open body parts, as well as avoiding mosquitoes. Easy, right?

    Named Fashion Forest because visitors can still style into the forest to be distributed directly via social media. Yes, only this forest is equipped with a 4G WiFi connection, it seems that it is the only one in the world. So during trekking in the forest we can directly live tweets or live posts. My friend is actually enjoying Instagram Live during trekking in the forest.

     Signs full of information
    Signs full of information

    Code and NFC tags. Simply scan the QR Code or bring your smartphone close to the NFC tag, voila! There will be websites or videos of certain information related to plants or animals in the Fashion Forest. This is beyond amazing!

  1. Getting Around SkyAvenue

  2.  skyavenue mall - awesome sky symphony show
    skyavenue mall – awesome sky symphony show

    I might be proud to say that I never lost my way Grand Indonesia Mall in Jakarta. But … but SkyAvenue Mall at the top of Genting Highlands makes me like a chick losing a parent. This 13-hectare mall is indeed quite confusing, especially for the first-time visitors. Tip: always look at the directory map or ask the information section if you need help.

    This SkyAvenue is not an ordinary mall that contains only outlets or boutiques for shopping. But more than that! There is The Visitor’s Galleria, which shows documentation of the journey of Genting Highlands since it was first pioneered by Lim Goh Tong until now. There is the Péng Heng Art Museum, which features a variety of arts, culture, and culinary delights of the east coast of Malaysia. Honestly I like being here because of the interesting visual arrangement.

     skyavenue mall - the senicome museum is full of Instagramable objects
    skyavenue mall – the museum is full of Instagramable objects

    Still in SkyAvenue, there is Sky Symphony in the form of an art installation show combined with video mapping techniques. Along the SkyAvenue atrium walls are also decorated with Wonderwall, video mapping with moving images, making walking here feel like walking in downtown New York City or Shibuya Tokyo.

    Oh, don't forget to visit Vision City Video Games Park, can be satisfied playing all day here!

  1. Culinary tours on SkyAvenue

  2.  culinary skyavenue - pizza & calzone ala motorino
    culinary skyavenue – pizza & calzone ala motorino

    Not complete around the mall if not all culinary tours, and SkyAvenue knows very well about that need. On the first floor there were 35 F & B tenants including Motorino and Cafes Richard. Motorino is a famous New York-based pizza restaurant, and we had the opportunity to sample lunch here. The main menu is pizza marinara, margherita, and pepperoni milling about on the table, covered by calzone filled with mushrooms and smoked meats. Mamma mia!

     skyavenue culinary - coffee & tea banquet ala socialita paris in cafes richard
    skyavenue culinary – socialite coffee & tea banquet paris in cafes richard

    Cafes Richard himself was more of a Paris-style café concept. Various coffees from Ethopia to Sumatra are the mainstay. Dessert that you have to try here: creme brulee. So soft and sweet it doesn't make a toothache. Or if you want to taste more Asian dishes, try steamboat at the Seafood Resort. The cold Genting Highlands air is most suitable to be filled with sour spicy foods. This is the dish I like the most when I'm at Resorts World Genting. Or if you want to try all-you-can-eat dishes, try visiting the Food Factory or Coffee Terrace. Prepare your belly and stamina to chew endlessly, hehehe!

  1. Visit to the world's largest hotel First World The most photogenic hotel and hotel Theme Park Hotel

  2.  hotel visit - First World Hotels have photogenic corridors
    hotel visit – First World Hotel has a photogenic corridor

    First World Hotel is the largest hotel in the world with 7,351 rooms. SEVEN THOUSANDS OF MORE ROOMS! The most exciting thing is to peek at the activities in the hotel lobby that take place in a spacious room with self check-in machines. Sis, is this hotel or station? So besides the usual reception desk that is lined up up to tens of meters long, there is also a collection of self check-in machines that can be used by hotel guests to reserve their own rooms including payment using a credit card. In addition, in the corridor between the hotel and the mall there are several murals that take attention, or if according to children's terms today: Instagram-able

     hotel visit - Theme Park Hotel has a lobby that can be used as trick art photos
    hotel visit – Theme Park Hotels have a lobby that can be used as trick art photos

    Instagram-able, don't miss a visit to the Theme Park Hotel (d / h Hotel On The Park). It was only when we arrived in the lobby that we had been greeted by a giant wooden chair and a giant pile of cups, and there was also a colorful glass maze. But the most attention is the trick-art installation that is right in front of the receptionist desk. Visual deception through the reflection of this mirror makes us appear before a three-story building. Or to be clearer please see the photo above!

  1. Special Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park surprise

  2.  2th Century Fox World theme park that will be present in Genting Highlands in 2018

Gallery of 7 Fun Things During Holidays in Genting Highlands

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