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Cuban Supit Urang, Waterfall Supit Urang In Malang

Posted at June 23, 2018 5:47 by vacasion in Vacation

Cuban Supit Urang Or Waterfall Supit Urang is one of the waterfall tour in Malang which you can visit when stop by to Malang. Indeed, perhaps this is not surprising anymore, because this unfortunate has many natural attractions. Especially if you dare to explore further the nature of Malang, there you will find more waterfalls. […]

Kebun Buah Mangunan Imogiri Bantul

Posted at June 22, 2018 20:46 by vacasion in Vacation

LiburMulu.Com – Want a vacation to an unusual place in Jogja? You can try to come to the Botanical Garden of Mangunan located in Bantul. Mangunan fruit garden is precisely located in the Dlingo district, Bantul, although the location is closer to Imogiri. The scenery in the fruit of this fruit will certainly make your […]

Kaolin Lake in Belitung –

Posted at June 22, 2018 11:45 by vacasion in Vacation – Kaolin Lake can be reached easily which is only about 15 minutes from the city center Tanjung Pandan, so you will not find any meaningful difficulties for when looking for it. Because it is located blue lake is right on the roadside. If you can see from the plane window when taking off […]

A Piece of European Nuance at The Little Venice Bogor

Posted at June 21, 2018 11:38 by vacasion in Vacation

LiburMulu.Com – Bogor is not only known as a rainy city, but a city that has various tourist sites that serve its natural beauty. Such as Garden Raya Bogor or more popular ie Peak area. The newest one is The Little Venice Bogor. Therefore, the city of Bogor is increasingly popular as a favorite tourist […]

10 Places Of Interest Cool Hits Nan Instagramable In Blitar

Posted at June 20, 2018 17:34 by vacasion in Vacation

LiburMulu.Com – Although Blitar is the second smallest district in the province of East Java, who would have thought if it turned out to have many natural tourist destinations that are so fascinating. Even lately a lot of traveler and instagramer who spend time in this city. In fact Blitar can provide experience and complete […]

Parangkusumo Beach And The Legend Of The South Sea Ruler

Posted at June 20, 2018 8:33 by vacasion in Vacation – Usually a beach is famous for the beauty of beach sand, a comfortable atmosphere or a challenging wave to be conquered. Yet one of beaches in Yogyakarta namely Parangkusumo Beach is also famous for its legend. Parangkusumo Beach And The Legend Of The Ruler Of South Kidul is quite heard by the local […]

A Beautiful Vacation Place In South Sumatra

Posted at June 19, 2018 23:30 by vacasion in Vacation

LiburMulu.Com – Of course you already know that South Sumatra is one of the provinces located in the southern part of Sumatra Island, with the provincial capital of Palembang. The geographical location of the province of South Sumatra or the city Palembang is bordered by other Sumatran provinces such as Jambi, Bangka Belitung, Lampung and […]

Greet Sun Sun Morning, Hunting Sunrise In Borobudur

Posted at June 19, 2018 14:29 by vacasion in Vacation

Borurudur, Magelang, Central Java – Formerly Borobudur Temple is so famous for its architectural splendor that it attracts thousands of tourists to visit. But do the friends – friends know, the morning is the best time to enjoy the Borobudur Temple completely. Yes hunting sunrise in Borobudur is one of the fun activities as well […]

Able Vacation Place Instagram Able In Malang

Posted at April 16, 2018 8:07 by vacasion in Vacation – In addition to doing photo hunting activities somewhere, now our young generation is also being seized with new passions. Namely by finding an Instagramable tourist destinations or places with a view and atmosphere that is suitable to be immortalized and then uploaded to a photo-sharing app that is Instagram. The existence of an […]

Favorite Beach Adventurers In Tulungagung

Posted at April 15, 2018 22:54 by vacasion in Vacation

LiburMulu.Com – Although many of the beaches in Tulungagung are located some distance from the city center, but the charm remains attractive in the heart and in the eye. Yes, with its position which is located somewhat south of Java Island, there are many beaches that can be visited in Tulungangung. One of the beaches […]

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