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Create a Taiwan Visa Online

Posted at July 25, 2018 15:13 by vacasion in Vacation
Create a Taiwan Visa Online

LiburMulu.Com – For most Indonesians, it might be better to know the country Taiwan as a destination for Indonesian migrant workers and migrant workers. Now, even though this country is also one of the cool holiday destinations, you know!

Unfortunately for entering the Tawian State, citizens of Indonesia must use a visa. Even so, making Taiwanese visas for Indonesians is easy, and has no hassle. Especially for Indonesians who still hold Visas Canada, UK (UK), Australia US (United States), New Zeland, Schengen Europe and Japan can apply for a Taiwan Visa online. However, the visa – the visa must be active, friends, traveler.

 There are many tourist attractions that can be visited in Taiwan.
There are many tourist attractions that can be visited in Taiwan.

In addition to applying for a Taiwan visa online it is quite easy, Taiwan visa submitted online can be valid for one month of stay and can be used multiple times a month. Indeed, the type of visa is a multiple entry visa. To make a Taiwan visa online for Indonesians, just go to this address:

Online Taiwan visa making process is fast and easy. After opening the URL, select Indonesia and then show the process of flowchart apply online visa. After that, you will see the complete rules regarding the complete Taiwan online visa pursuit requirements as follows:

 Online Taiwan visa-making flow.
Online Taiwan visa-making flow.

An online inspection visit to Taiwan, for 5 Asian countries.

Residents of 5 (five) countries: Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, who wish to make a visit to Taiwan, can apply for an Taiwan Entry Authorization Certificate (Authorization Certificate for Visit Taiwan) through Online Application, by fulfilling the following terms and conditions:

I. The main requirements: (according to the following conditions)

  1. The validity period of the Taiwan Entry Permit Certificate (Authorization Certificate for Visit) is 30 (thirty) days, and 7 (seven) days before the expiry date can apply for a new one; in the validity period it can do multiple trips.

  2. If there is an incorrect data entry, please immediately submit a new application.

  3. Valid only for official passports, not valid for temporary passports / SPLP, emergency passports, unofficial passports or other travel documents.

  4. Only valid for official visas, not valid for working permit or other similar documents.

  5. For those who have a Permanent Resident Permit without any validity period, when filling in the validity period, please fill in: year 19459070 day 1945 [31]

  6. For those who have a single entry visa (Single Entry Visa) that has been used, from countries in accordance with the provisions above, can still stop in Taiwan, with the following conditions: after entering the destination country of the visa owned when they left the country they did not immediately return to Indonesia, but stopped by Taiwan. Apart from that, when entering Taiwan, the country's visa is still in its validity period.

  7. It is recommended to use a printing machine / laser printer, to print CERTIFICATE AUTHORIZATION.

Carefully read the rules and requirements for making a Taiwan visa online, then click next and complete your personal data such as passport data, visa number which is still valid and self-biodata. After that, the visa will be directly and without charge or FREE.

 Form that must be filled in to apply for a Taiwan Visa online.
Form to fill in Taiwan visa online.

While those who cannot meet Taiwan visa requirements online, friends of travelers can apply for visas in Jakarta offline. Visa will be completed in approximately 5 working days. While the documents that must be prepared are as follows:

  • Original passport (old & new, validity more than 6 months)
  • 4 × 6 color photo, with white background (2 sheets)
  • Sponsor letter / information work from office
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Name Change (if any)
  • Copy of financial evidence (last 3 months)
  • Copy of SIUP (if owner)
  • Copy of Family Card

everything is complete, can be continued by filling out the application form online:, select General Visa Applications.

What is unique, because Indonesia adheres to the system One China Policy which means only recognizing one Chinese state, namely mainland China, so that Indonesia and China Taiwan do not have diplomatic relations at all. Both Taiwan and Indonesia do not have embassies or consulates in each country. So applying for a visa that is managed by yourself can come to the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) whose address is at:

Artha Graha Building, 17th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
South Jakarta
Tel: (021) 515 1111


  1. Visa Management Schedule Monday s. Friday.
  2. Application Submission Schedule: 08.30 – 11.30.
  3. Visa Retrieval Schedule: 13.30 – 16.00
  4. Temporary Fees for single entry visa Rp.460,000 and multiple entry Rp.920,000. many flights to Taiwan from Jakarta, can be selected starting from the most economical to the most comfortable according to friends – friends.

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