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Do not panic! Here is a cool holiday tip even though the dollar rises!

Posted at September 12, 2018 23:17 by vacasion in Vacation
Do not panic! Here is a cool holiday tip even though the dollar rises!

LiburMulu.Com – Dollar exchange rates which are increasingly rising may make most travelers suffocate! Strangled how to get around traveling abroad they remained economical and accomplished. Do you want to use the dollar as much as possible, but unfortunately the dollar is one of the most accepted currencies when traveling abroad.

But take it easy, there is always a way for travelers who want to walk. Even though the dollar rises, the holidays are still cool if the traveler's friends follow these tips. At least one of them can be tried, so that your vacation remains cool even though the dollar rises!

 Unfortunately this dollar is indeed the most widely accepted in the world.

The US dollar, which has skyrocketed to rise in exchange rates, will have a profound effect when a traveler travels to Europe or even to America. Well, if you look closely, the rupiah exchange rate to several countries in Asia is not too bad. So Asia or Southeast Asia is a pleasant choice to keep exploring the country even though the US Dollar is skyrocketing. While if you get bored with the Southeast Asian region, your friends can explore unique countries such as China, South Korea, Japan or even North Korea if you dare? Or if you want an exotic one, you can try exploring the southern parts of Asia like India, Sri Lanka or Nepal if you want to visit the Himalayas as well.

Some Events and Vacation Places in Asia that Can Be Enjoyed Even though the Dollar Rises: [19659007] 2. Choose a Country with a Cost of Living and Cheap Transportation

 You can also travel while making money, besides having to save money while traveling, of course.

In addition to accommodation, usually the biggest expenditure when traveling is transportation. Now, when a traveler's friends still have to travel to a country that uses Dollar, one of the most reliable traveling tips is – a lot of walking. Especially for developed countries they have a special path for pedestrians. Besides that, by walking when traveling we can find something interesting and unique that is often missed when using public transportation. (Also Read: Tips for Traveling in Thailand )

4. Trying to save money in the destination country

 Save when on destination
Save when on goal

Save money! Save money! And save! Only that can be done if you still want to travel when the dollar exchange rate is skyrocketing. Forget about spree – spree, reduce excessive shopping habits when traveling. Buy items that are necessary and useful. If there is a friend who is misled by – by first, the money in front or not need to buy it all!

Rather than spending a lot of money on shopping, it would be more fun to use it to extend the traveling time right? Shopping experience by increasing destinations and photos when traveling. Or it can also multiply photos traveling for – by family or friends at home: D

5. Vacation in Indonesia Only Deh!

 Exotic Twilight on Gili Trawangan, Lombok
Exotic Dusk on Gili Trawangan, Lombok

This latest tip is the most nationalistic and fun for friends – friends who still want to travel, even though the dollar skyrocketed. Take it easy, although Indonesia is a country that is still developing and its tourism infrastructure is a bit lacking. Indonesia is a beautiful country with many natural destinations that make it happy!

But do not immediately cancel the ticket if you have already purchased it, maybe it can be postponed first while on vacation in the country. Can escape to destinations closest to the capital city of Jakarta such as Bandung or try to explore one of the centers of Javanese civilization, namely Yogyakarta . Finally if you really want to cancel the plan abroad, the traveler's friends can still have fun in Bali . Yes, even though Bali is already too well known, this place is always fun to be used as a place to spend a holiday! Let the government think about it, friends of travelers continue to plan your vacation. Make an exciting trip plan, and enjoy your youth by traveling: D

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