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Enjoying the Exotism of Labuan Bajo, Here Are 7 Mandatory Things You Must Bring

Posted at September 21, 2018 6:03 by vacasion in Vacation
Enjoying the Exotism of Labuan Bajo, Here Are 7 Mandatory Things You Must Bring

Labuan Bajo is a destination in eastern Indonesia which is certainly a dream for many travelers. Because not only is its natural beauty so fascinating. This small town on the westernmost of Flores Island has many other charms such as the friendliness of local people, tempting cuisine, and the work of woven fabrics which are also very beautiful. Not only that, because the strongest allure is found in Indonesian endemic animals, namely Komodo dragons on Komodo Island and Rinca Island. So don't be surprised if Laboan Bajo's charm is now increasingly spreading to foreign countries.

Vacationing to the dream destination of many people, of course you have to prepare carefully, so that your journey will become more perfect, isn't it ?! Here are 7 Mandatory Items You Must Bring to enjoy the beauty of Labuan Bajo:

1. Because the weather is relatively hot, you should use the right clothes so that the trip will be more comfortable

Destinations such as Labuan Bajo which have relatively hotter weather you should not use thick and dark materials. Bright and thin clothing will be much better because it will make the body more comfortable, especially because of the many activities carried out in the sea, thin clothes will dry faster when wet compared to thick ones that make the body uncomfortable. Bright clothes themselves will be cooler to use than dark ones because they will absorb heat. Another important thing that you have to bring is extra clothes and plastic bags to store wet clothes, then when you need it, you have prepared extra clothes without the need to be afraid of colds because you use wet clothes.

2. Swimwear and snorkel / diving equipment certainly cannot be missed!

Vacationing to Labuan Bajo will never be separated from this one activity, so for those of you who look forward to the beauty of the underwater world and want to enjoy it with satisfaction. Don't forget to prepare a swimsuit as well as snorkeling or diving equipment. It will be more comfortable if you bring personal property so that you no longer have to bother looking for a suitable size mask, snorkler and fin.

3. Bring flip flops as well as shoes because there are some spots that need trekking

Visiting a beach or sea will certainly be more comfortable if you use sandals / flip flops because it will be more comfortable and practical. Visiting Labuan Bajo is also highly recommended to use sandals when enjoying the coastline, but because there are several spots (like Padar Island) that need trekking to reach the peak. You will pass a hill that is quite high and rocky, so it will be more comfortable if this trekking activity you use more qualified footwear. For example sandals shoes or comfortable shoes.

4. Secure all your gadgets in an waterproof bag or dry bag

Because there will be a lot of direct contact with water, you should secure all the cameras and gadgets in a dry bag that can avoid it from splashing waves or other possibilities such as accidentally falling into the water.

5. Prepare your favorite accessories such as glasses and hats to accompany the trip

Come to a beautiful place, of course you want to capture it perfectly, taking photos using favorite accessories will make you more confident, right? ! Glasses and hats are not only suitable for narcissistic use, but also have the benefit of avoiding the blazing heat of the Flores sun.

6. In order to avoid dehydration, mineral water may not be absent in your bag!

There will be a lot of energy-consuming activities, so that the mineral water supply becomes very important to maintain your stamina during activities throughout the day. So make sure you bring lots of mineral water to avoid the risk of dehydration so that your body can stay fit until the trip ends.

7. Carrying a protective skin from the right sun

Exposure to direct sunlight will be very dangerous for the skin, not to mention that you will enter the sea with salty water so that the skin it will burn more easily. Therefore, the skin protector or sunblock becomes a very important main item that you must carry. If you want to stay comfortable when #EnjoyTheSun in Labuan Bajo, it would be great if you prepare NIVEA SUN which can protect your skin from direct exposure to sunlight. NIVEA SUN products also have variants that can be adjusted to the skin needs you have. That way you don't have to worry about skin health when #EnjoyTheSun in Labuan Bajo, because it's already protected by NIVEA SUN which contains vitamin E so it can moisturize and nourish the skin.


How? Now, so you know how to prepare your vacation to Labuan Bajo, so long as there is more fun! Well, it's even better if you can vacation to Labuan Bajo for FREE! How do you do it? Be patient!

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Just before you are #EnjoyTheSun in Labuan Bajo, it's good to get ready first. Have you read the 7 Mandatory Things You Must Bring to enjoy the beauty of Labuan Bajo right? Especially the 7th point, you can first prepare the NIVEA SUN product that suits your needs. What is certain is that if you want to play #EnjoyTheSun under the sun, prepare and use NIVEA SUN always! Who doesn't want to play Labuan Bajo! Yuuuk!

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