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Entrance Ticket Prices, How to Go to Watu Kodok Gunungkidul Beach

Posted at September 5, 2018 10:38 by vacasion in Vacation
Entrance Ticket Prices, How to Go to Watu Kodok Gunungkidul Beach

Besides enjoying the atmosphere and culinary tour around the coast actually the beach area can also be used for camping overnight, as is often done by communities such as Scouts. But certainly not on all beaches. For Gunungkidul area, Yogyakarta you can camp on Watu Kodok Beach.

The beach which is located adjacent to Drini Beach has beautiful scenery, and fits perfectly with the tastes of nature lovers . In addition, for young people who like adventure, camping in this campsite does not need to worry, because this beach area is equipped with facilities such as adequate bathrooms and large parking lots. Regarding its security, it turns out the local residents always patrol around. So, it is quite helpful for those who are doing bonfire and resting at night.

Actually the beach in Jogja which is not only suitable for camping. On weekdays, where most people do work or school routines, this beach is very quiet because of the lack of visitors. For those of you who are looking for a place to stay silent while looking for inspiration, this beach is perfect, of course! Where you can use the gazebo, or food stalls as a place to sit and enjoy seafood.

 Watu Beach Gunungkidul Toad, Recreation Place and Camping! via @ pantai.jogja
Watu Beach Gunungkidul Frog, Recreation Place and Camping! via @ pantai.jogja

How to Go to Watu Beach Gunungkidul Toad

Maybe you already suspect that the name of this beach is a frog-like stone. In the area along this coast there are quite steep corals, and coral chunks with frog-like shapes. The steep coral in this area is a special attraction that reinforces the natural impression of the landscape here.

 How to Go to Watu Beach Gunungkidul Frog! via @ressastra
How to Go to Watu Beach Gunungkidul Frog! via 19459021 @ressastra

This beach is precisely located in Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. From Jogja City, it takes about 1.5 hours to travel by private vehicle. To achieve this, you can go through Jl. Wonosari towards Piyungan, then towards Jl. Baron through Patuk and Wonosari. Then from Jl. Baron goes to Tepus. From there, you will go through the east entrance to the beach area.

After that you will go through Indrayanti Beach, Sundak Beach Drini Beach until finally arriving at Watu Kodok Beach. Alternatively, you can use the location instructions for Watu Beach Frog Gunungkidul on Google Maps here. So do not be afraid to stray again if you vacation to one of the beautiful beaches in Jogja.

Entrance Ticket Prices to Watu Beach Gunungkidul Toad

 Entrance Ticket Prices to Watu Beach Gunungkidul! via @ desiambar.sari
Entrance Ticket Prices to Watu Beach Gunungkidul Frog! via @ desiambar.sari

To enter this coastal area every visitor must pay a ticket of Rp. 3,000, and a parking fee of Rp. 3,000 (motorbike) or Rp. 5,000 – Rp. 10,000 (car). This is certainly out of the additional costs if you want to camp overnight, which is Rp. 5 – Rp. 10,000 per person.

Ticket prices are certainly very reasonable, considering the facilities provided by the beach manager are quite complete, and every night This beach empowers residents who are needed to protect the campsite.

Travel Tips to Watu Beach Gunungkidul Frog

 In Watu Kodok Gunungkidul Beach you can hunt many good photos! via @ jogja. special
In Watu Kodok Gunungkidul Beach you can hunt lots of good photos! via @ jogja. special
  • For camping, besides tent equipment, you need to bring all your personal equipment. Starting from medicines, soap, warm clothes for the night and just enough money. Don't forget to bring enough food and drinks.
  • Fill in the full battery of cellphones, cameras and Powerbank to support outdoor activities.
  • Follow the rules along the camping and shoreline area. Follow the rules set by the local SAR team for safety. It is better to set up a tent in a place far enough from the beach.
  • Paying attention to the weather is also very important, because if it is in the rainy season, the activity of gathering with a bonfire will change with sleep all night, which is better done at home.
  • socializing with the community, camping should also increase awareness of the importance of loving and protecting nature so that it is not damaged. This of course you need to express, one of them is by not throwing garbage in any place.

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