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Exciting Holidays at Pandansimo Beach

Posted at March 31, 2018 9:10 by vacasion in Vacation
Exciting Holidays at Pandansimo Beach

During a beach trip in Bantul District, Yogyakarta, do not miss your trip to this one beach: Pandansimo Beach. This beach is in the westernmost of lined south coast of Java does offer a million charms. May be spelled out if this Pandansimo Beach is one of the beaches in Yogyakarta that is recommended to dikunungi!

This beach is located in the Village Poncosari, District Srandakan, Bantul. Formerly at the time of Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII this beach was inaugurated as a place of tirakat and village of fishermen. Pandansimo own name was chosen because in it there is a building that looks like a simo alias tiger, but from close it feels cool with the pandanus plants

What You Can Do on Pandansimo Beach

 Enjoying the evening at Pandansimo Beach is also fun too ! via IG @shagyto
Enjoying the twilight atmosphere at Pandansimo Beach is fun too! via IG @ shagyto

In this area is often done ritual traditions by residents, such as Labuhan Sedekah Laut, Merti Dusun and cultural arts performances. So, in addition to offering a beautiful natural attractions, pilgrimage tours can also follow you see. So in addition to the sea water, there are still many things that can be done here

Overlooking the Indian Ocean in the south of Java Island, it is only natural that here you will see big and wild waves. The life of the fishermen is full of simplicity. Their action against the waves of the waves will be an attraction for tourists because basically this beach is a fishing village.

This beach is rather unique than the beaches in Bantul other. The shade of pine shrimp trees in some other beaches, such as Samas Beach and Goa Cemara Beach can also be found here. But in addition to watching the big beach waves from under the shade of trees, you can also direct fish shopping from fishermen, fish market in the region. For what?

It turns out that the actual area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis fishing village is not enough to only provide outbound area, swimming pool or football field only. This location is indeed provided swimming pool, probably because the beach is deep and steep not suitable for swimming. But the interesting thing here is the availability of camping ground for you who love camping activities in the open. Certainly this kind of activity brings its own passion.

Windmill – Wind Power Generator

 Wind Power Plant located near Pandansimo Beach. via IG @rockstartiket
Wind Power Station located near Pandansimo Beach. via IG @rockstartiket

Pandansimo Beach is not only intensively improving tourism and food sector, but also empowering the natural power of wind, as a power plant for the means of life there. So it is not surprising that you find enough windmills, which attract it, it becomes the object that beautify the beach.

Windmills held by the cooperation of the Minister of Research and Technology and University of Gajah Mada has proven to bring enormous benefits to the population, stalls, and ice making to preserve the fish.

How to Go to Pandansimo Beach

Want to go to this beach with your own vehicle? Point your vehicle to Jl. Bantul. Arrive at Bantul to the south until Palbapang intersection. From there turn right toward Srandakan roundabout. Before reaching Progo River Bridge, turn left. Later you will meet the T-junction, turn right to get to the beach location.

 Vacation in Pandansimo Beach, Seeing Fisherman's Village with a Windmill Power Plant. via IG @rettasimson
Vacation on Pandansimo Beach, Seeing Fisherman's Village with a Windmill Power Plant. via IG @rettasimson

If you want to ride a public vehicle it could be. How, from Terminal Giwangan take bus majoring Bantul / Srandakan, and ask to be lowered at the Progo River bridge. From there, you just ride a motorcycle taxi or walk following the signpost. Or you can also go here by using the Pandansimo Beach location guidance on Google Maps here .

Ticket for entry to the beach location is cheap, IDR 2.000 only per person. For private vehicle rides must pay IDR 5,000 for two-wheeled vehicles (2 passengers), or IDR 10,000 for four-wheeled vehicles. Holiday to the beach in Yogyakarta is not too expensive is not it?

Travel Tips To Pandansimo Beach

For your holiday to Pandansimo Beach is more fun, it's good you pay attention to some important tips below.

  • For camping, bring equipment (19659027) Monitor the weather first before deciding on camping, and should consult with the supervisor / manager about everything that is worth taking care of during there.
  • Take advantage of the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) to get around the beaches that provide these uniqueness! Rent for 1 motor Rp5.000, and for car Rp10.000

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