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Exploring the beauty of Kobra Beach, a beach in Gunungkidul Jogja

Posted at August 4, 2018 10:08 by vacasion in Vacation
Exploring the beauty of Kobra Beach, a beach in Gunungkidul Jogja

Between the coast in Gunungkidul, Jogja apparently there was a beach with a name that attracted the attention of anyone who heard and read it. Cobra Beach. Even though we know that Cobras, as we know it is the name for a venomous snake, the Spoon Snake. I don't know what made the beach named like that.

But calm down, for sure, if you try to explore this Cobra beach you will find a beach that is still very natural and still original. There will be no one whose name is spooky, it's really beautiful! If you don't believe it, you can prove it yourself by visiting Kobra Beach which was on Gunung Kidul Jogja.

Moreover, from the many beaches in Jogja this is one of the coolest beaches recommended. to visit. For those of you who like to hunt photos, or just unwind from the tiredness of everyday work. What is clear, this beach deserves to be enjoyed with friends or with your beloved family. !

By visiting this beach in Gunungkidul, you will certainly be able to see the beautiful coastal scenery and a little different from the beaches in Jogja in general. The most visible thing is that this beach does not have white sand. But what is here is a beach that is full of plants, vast green grass and a karst hill. Like many karst hills which also dominate the landscape of beaches in southern Java.

Then, what also makes this Kobra Beach different is that this beach is a cliff beach. So when you visit here, you can't if you directly touch the sea water. Playing in the sea here will also be difficult. Unlike when playing to the beach Parangtritis or other beaches in Jogja that have sloping landscaping.

However, believe it, if the beach is very comfortable and cool to visit. Especially for those of you who are quiet beach fans with a calm atmosphere without a lot of disturbance. Moreover, the location which is also far away, so that the city noise doesn't feel here. The waves on Kobra Beach that tend to calm down will sound like a natural melody that conjures up the senses of hearing.

 This Cobra Beach is also suitable for camping and billionaire hunting like this! @windu_dolandolan
This Cobra beach is also suitable for camping and billionaire hunting like this! @windu_dolandolan

It is possible that the edge of the beach that does not blend directly with the sea does not allow visitors to swim or play water. It's just that, on the edge of this cliff you can fish all day long while enjoying the natural atmosphere. So, Kobra Beach is one of the beaches in Jogja that is suitable for fishing!

Or, for those of you who like to enjoy the sunset, an epic sunset while looking at the wide sea, with an infinite horizon, this is the right beach. Romantic Sunset can be enjoyed from this beautiful beach in Gunungkidul. With notes, you can't enjoy it alone. Of course, romantic is not alone. The coastal topography in the form of hills does make this possible, enjoying the sunset without being obstructed by view. Of course this is everyone's dream?

The beach in Gunungkidul which is overgrown with many of these plants looks cool during the day. The expanse of grass that dominates the nosa beach area is quite broad. Plus, around the beach there are also trees owned by local residents. It looks really potential beauty of Cobra Beach. Unfortunately, according to the information, this Cobra Beach has not been properly managed by the local government.

But that does not mean justification for damage here. What is available is that visitors who vacation on Kobra Beach must participate in maintaining the beach's condition to stay clean and awake. The easiest thing is to help not litter, or damage this natural beach atmosphere with vandalism, for example.

Interested in Visiting the Hidden Beach in Gunungkidul?

For those who want to go to Kobra Beach in Jogja, you can use the Kobra Beach location guide or instructions for this address:
Address: Wiloso, Girikarto, Panggang, Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55872, Indonesia (just click to see the location on the map). 19659003] Visiting a place that is still beautiful will certainly make the heart happy and the mind more comfortable isn't it? Moreover, this beach location is not so far away, the address is at Wiloso Hamlet, Girikarto Village, Panggang District, Gunungkidul. The location of the beautiful beach in Gunungkidul is also still adjacent to Wohkudu Beach also Gesing Beach. So you can also visit other beaches later. For its own distance from the center of Jogja City it is around 65 km. Only with a travel time of about 1 hour, you can enjoy this cool beach!

The easiest way to go to Panai is to use the ringroad route Jogja. Just pass South Ringroad towards Jalan Imogiri Timur, then continue the journey to the Siluk Climbing. Arriving at Tanjakan Siluk, recommend a trip to Panggang, until you meet with the junction of SDN Sawah.

At the T-junction, take the road to the right, heading towards Warak Girikarto until you meet the junction of Bplang. At this Bolang T-junction, take the right turn, and soon you will arrive in the beautiful Kobra Beach area. Of course, if you are confused about the route to Kobra Beach, you can ask the locals. They will certainly be happy to help show the location of the beach.

Travel Tips to Kobra Beach

 Take it easy, you will not find a cobra on Kobra Beach.
Take it easy, you won't find a cobra on Kobra Beach.
  • Use footwear that fits your size, so it will be much more comfortable to walk on the beach. Of course, use non-slippery footwear. Because here you will walk along the beach area, the contours rise and fall.
  • The beach in Gunungkidul is still very natural, and has not been managed properly. So don't expect tourist facilities such as public toilets and food stalls to be easily found around the beach. Please prepare yourself if you play to this beach. Some public facilities can be found some distance from the beach location. Bringing in enough food and drinks will make your holiday more fun. Thankfully you can picnic on this beach with friends.
  • For vacation documentation purposes, bring a camera with a quality that is capable! Whether for selfie, or maybe you want to make a vlog about this Cobra Beach? What is clear, if you bring your own camera, you can capture the beauty that is on this beach. Don't forget to take a selfie with friends! But remember, you have to be careful!
  • Seeing the condition of weather forecast before leaving is a good idea! Given that the rainy weather will make the holiday atmosphere to the beach will be less fun! Departing in good weather will also make your vacation photos to Cobra Beach more beautiful! In addition, dry road conditions also make driving safer and more comfortable.
  • Don't leave trash traces here. Or cool, don't take anything but photos, and don't leave anything but traces!

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