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Holiday Destinations to Bandung Are Fun and Fun!

Posted at August 17, 2018 23:19 by vacasion in Vacation
Holiday Destinations to Bandung Are Fun and Fun!

LiburMulu.Com – When the holidays arrived but where did you get confused? Why don't you try to vacation in Bandung ? Even though there are many who have vacationed in Bandung, this city has never been boring. A cool atmosphere, interesting tourist destinations, and always tempting cuisine. Well, the travelers all hope that this exciting and exciting holiday destination in Bandung can be useful to find inspiration for your vacation! : D

1. Selfie Until Hepi On Cliffs of the Keraton

 Selfies, or exciting photos on Tebing Keraton you really have to do it if you have arrived in Bandung!
Selfie, or fun photos on Cliff of the Palace you really have to do it when you arrive in Bandung! (19459018) photo source

The hills, valleys and mountains may be the standard landscape of Bandung. The most favorite city of vacation destinations for people Jakarta is indeed at an altitude, and is surrounded by hills and mountains. Because of that the location is cold, cool and fresh. With such landscape conditions, Bandung has many destinations peaks hills with refreshing views. One of them was Tebing Keraton or the netizens and instagramer knew him better with Tebing Selfie .

Location from Tebing Keraton or selfie cliff was not too far from the city center, located in the area Dago. Also, the road to the palace cliff is rather uphill and some of the asphalt is not intact. Bagapimanapun, Tebing Keraton is one of the favorite destinations in Bandung that must be visited because of its grandeur. As said the inventor of this cliff was the first time Pak Asep, Tebing Keraton meant natural splendor. Are you sure you don't want a selfie with the natural beauty of the Keraton Cliffs in Bandung?

Take it easy, the entrance ticket is cheap, only IDR 11,000! LiburMulu.Com suggested vacationing at Tebing Keraton when it was normal, because it tended to be quiet. If you visit Keraton Cliff when on holiday, it is certain that this place is a little crowded. Unless it comes in the morning, it may still be rather quiet:)

2. Trying Different Experiences, Shopping and Culinary at Floating Market Lembang

 Want to try shopping while dining directly from a floating boat? Just go to Floating Market Lembang!
Want to try shopping while culinary directly from a floating boat? To the Floating Market Lembang only!

If you want to feel a different shopping sensation, maybe your friends should start planning a vacation to the city of Bandung. Why? Because in the cool city of Bandung for this holiday there is one unique destination for shopping as well as culinary hunting. Its name is Floating Market Lembang.

As the name suggests, Floating Market is located in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLembang, North Bandung. Precisely located near Grand Hotel Lembang. Finding the entrance is not difficult, because there are lots of instructions to go to the Floating Market after arriving at Lembang.

To be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the Floating Market in Lembang, traveler friends can visit it from Monday to Sunday. Yes, every day this place is open! It's just that, when a normal day a traveler's friends can only enjoy the view, because many sellers are closed. There are still some hawker sellers in the floating market that can still be bought. Entrance tickets to the Floating market are IDR 10,000 per person, and tickets for cars are IDR 5,000. Fun, tickets can be exchanged for soft drinks on the inside.

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One that needs to be remembered when in the Lembang Floating Market. Before shopping, traveler friends must exchange rupiah into coins that are specifically used for shopping in the Floating market. Because all transactions in Floating Market Lembang must use this coin only. While the price of food in this place also varies from IDR 5,000 to IDR 35,000.

3. Hopping City Park in Bandung

 I think the atmosphere is cool in the park of Bandung city like this!
I think the atmosphere in the city park is like this!

Okay, holidays to Bandung don't have to go on vacation to just those places. Thanks to the mayor who cares about the fun city planning, Bandung has many unique and interesting city parks. It's a pity if you go to Bandung, but don't have time to stop by the city park.

Like one of them is the Elderly Park. Previously the park was better known as Taman Cilaki or Taman Cisangkuy. The name is certainly because of the name of the road that flanks this park. Now the mention of the Elderly park may be caused by the large number of elderly who exercise in this place, including the existence of a reflection path. Now with the stones that are intentionally highlighted this can be used as a reflection therapy on the soles of the feet.

Or another unique one is the Singles Park. Singles and jomblowati don't be sneered with this name. Because naming "Singles Park" in this park is in accordance with its function. Yes, this Singles Park is often used in the activities of gathering young people in Bandung. So, for Singles / Singles, maybe you can find a mate in this park? : D Or even want to try to visit some other parks like Photography Park, Persib Park, Film Park and many more!

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4. Enjoy Romantic Atmosphere at Bukit Moko, Bandung

 Come on, enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Bandung at the height of Moko Hill.
Come on, enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Bandung at the height of Moko Hill. ( photo source )

Want to see the sights of Bandung from a height? Come to Bandung, precisely to Bukit Moko. From Bukit Moko, traveler friends can enjoy the lights of Bandung's nighttime lights, also sunset and sunrise when it's sunny.

Bukit Moko is at an altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level, and some say this is highest point in Bandung. Exactly how much but don't be surprised if the air here will be cold. Don't get the costume wrong, prepare a thick jacket! To go to Bukit Moko, you can pass Padasuka Street, go up to Caringin Tilu then continue upwards to Bukit Moko.

No need to pay for admission tickets at Bukit Moko, it's just friends – a traveler friend must order food and drinks at Warung Daweung, the only stall here. With the cold air plus the wind, which is strong enough to warm yourself with warm food or drinks at Warung Daweung, it will be very enjoyable, while enjoying the beautiful landscape of Bandung City.

5. Learning at the same time Playing at Saung Angklung Mang Udjo

 Angklung performance at Saung Mang Udjo Bandung.
Angklung performance at Saung Mang Udjo Bandung. ( photo source )

Saung Angklung Mang Udjo is actually not a food stall, or a general tourist destination such as an amusement park and natural destination. This place is actually a Sundanese art art gallery located in Padasuka area, Bandung.

Saung angklung was founded by angklung artists named Udjo Ngalagena (Alm) and Uum Sumiati in 1967. Saung Mang ticket prices Udjo itself is valued at Rp. 60,000 for domestic tourists and Rp. 100,000 for foreigners. Not too expensive for the experience gained later.

Uniquely, even though only barlabel is "saung" but this place is actually much loved by travelers who are curious about Sundanese music. Maybe because many want to take a vacation while learning art. Many travelers like to visit Saung Angklung Mang Udjo.

Founded on 1.2 hectares of land, visitors can not only enjoy Sundanese art, namely Angklung performances. Every traveler who visits here has the opportunity to try it himself and play angklung. Exclaimed right? : D

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6. Have fun with the family at Trans Studio Bandung

 To Trans Studio Bandung it is best to be together with friends or family: D
To Trans Studio Bandung, it's best to be together with friends or family: D (19454544) photo source

For those who like or are curious about an amusement park, they may occasionally try to visit Trans Studio Bandung This is the largest and most complete indoor amusement park in Bandung. Yes, where else is the fun park to play with family in Bandung besides here.

Before Trans Studio Bandung existed, its predecessor was Trans Studio Makassar. Even so, what is in Bandung is no less fun with existing vehicles. Here are some of the rides in this Bandung studio:

Studio Central

Yamaha Racing Coaster
Super Heroes 4D The Rides
Broadcast Museum
Dunlop Trans Car Racing Indosat Galaxy Vertigo
Trans City Theater
Giant Swing
Sibolang The Rides
Science Center
Child World

The Lost City

Kong Climb
Sky Pirates

There are so many right? Do you want to try Trans Studio Bandung with your family? Come on!


Bandung is a big city in West Java, and already has an international airport. To visit Bandung, you can fly directly to Bandung by plane, or fly to Jakarta first, then continue your land trip by travel or train.

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