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It's a Frequently Asked Question When Going Traveling To Lombok!

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It's a Frequently Asked Question When Going Traveling To Lombok!

LiburMulu.Com – Lombok is now a new magnet for travelers. Its location is so close to Bali as if to provide the latest attraction. Yes, Lombok is a fun island for adventure. Starting from the towering mountain of Mount Rinjani, the island that attracts the hearts of Gili Trawangan to some of the captivating beaches such as Selong Belanak Beach or Tangsi Beach in East Lombok .

 Landscape Lombok always make a return there
Lombok landscaping always make pengen back there

But usually there will be many questions that arise before coming to Lombok. Starting from the questions related to accommodation, destinations in lombok or transportation on the island. Of the various questions, about 3 questions will often be asked by travelers who want to travel to Lombok

1. We Kan Want Holiday To Gili Trawangan, Well, From Airport Access How Ya? Then If From Port Sheet Also How Yes?

Gili Trawangan this is a small exotic island in the northern part of Lombok. Well to get to Gili Trawangan there are many ways. For example if from Lombok Praya International Airport you can take public transportation in the form of Damri to Senggigi with ticket price IDR 30.000 (data of August 2014). Travel by Damri bus will take about 1 hour drive. Tickets can be purchased at the counter that can be seen after exit from the airport arrival entrance

 3 Gili in Lombok always attracted the tourists either from domestic or abroad.
3 Gili in Lombok is always in demand by tourists either from domestic or abroad.

After arriving in Senggigi, can be continued by taxi berargo with tariff around IDR 90.000 for travel time about 45 minutes journey. The alternative can be with a local motorcycle taxi with a tariff skitar IDR 40,000 (try ditawar ya).

Arriving at the Gate Gate gate, can be continued by foot or ride Cidomo (a kind of horse pulled in andong). Walking may not be tired, because the distance is close enough but Cidomo ride is also quite cheap at around IDR 5,000 per person. By riding Cidomo you mean also supporting the economy of the local community. It takes approximately 10- 15 minutes to the port of the Ward Crossing from the Gate of the Ward's Gate

 There are many Cidomo in the Port of Ward.
There are many Cidomo in the Port of Ward.

Arriving at the ward harbor, immediately buy a public boat ticket if you want cheap and economical. The price is IDR 13,000 to Gili trawangan. Only with this new public boat will cross if full. Usually still 30 minutes is full, but if longer quiet can 1 hour lah. Public Boat to Gili Trawangan there from 7 am to 5 pm. If you come over 5 o'clock, then you have to rent a private boat for around IDR 500,000-800.000an. The long journey from Pelabuhan Bangsal to Gili Trawangan is approximately 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, if you come from Lembar Port and want to go to Gili trawangan. Just go down at Sheet Port, then go public transportation with Mandalika – Bertais Terminal route. The rate is around IDR 15,000. Furthermore, new public transportation take the Winner, Tanjung or Bayan. It should be remembered that this freeway is rather rare and usually a full wait first left

 Public Boat at the Port of Bangsal ready to take you to Gili Trawangan
Public Boat at the Port of Bangsal ready to take you to Gili Trawangan

Public transport of Winners, Tanjung or Bayan costs around IDR 15,000, and drop off at Pasar Pemenang which is located at Gate gate of Bangsal Harbor. For the next step just follow the steps above. Alternatively there is a fast boat from Bali with prices around IDR 500,000-700,000 from Benoa and Amed Harbor. You can also rent a motorcycle online, and ask to send it to Port Sheet for easier

Regarding the inn, in Gili Trawangan there are many, just calm . Hargany from IDR 100,000 to millions. Customize it with your holiday budget. Some can order directly via the internet such as through Agoda or other online travel agent. Although not all lodging in Gili Trawangan can be booked online via internet

 The sea around Gili Trawangan is so clear and refreshing the eye
The sea around Gili Trawangan is so clear and refreshing eyes.

Some say that it is cheaper to find lodging directly or Go Show in Gili Trawangan. In fact, sometimes there are houses for rent to stay. Do not forget to bid to get the best price of lodging in Gili Trawangan. For those who like to blend with nature, some locations in Gili Trawangan are allowed to set up tents. Usually on the south side, but do not forget to ask for permission first

2. I Want To Play To The Pink Beach Or Also Known As Tangsi Beach? How To Go There?

This cool beach in East Lombok is famous for its Pink Beach, but the local community of Jerowaru Lombok Timur also recognize it as Tangsi Beach by most. If you drive a private vehicle or motorbike, from Mataram drive our vehicle to the city of Praya. Travel time from Mataram – Pink Beach Lombok around 2 – 2.5 Hour journey.

Arriving at Praya continue your journey to District Keruak which is about 30 minutes from Praya. The easiest clue is after meeting SPBU Keruak. Approximately 100 meters after the gas station you will find a fork in the road. Just turn right, then keep straight until you find SMPN 1 Jerowaru. If not sure, asking the locals is the best way of straying.

 Tangsi Beach or also known as Pink Beach Lombok.
Tangsi Beach or also known as Pink Beach of Lombok.

From SMPN 1 Jerowaru you will find a fork. Turn left and continue to meet the uneven and slightly damaged dirt road. This road can be passed by car or motorcycle. Drive slowly because the street is not good enough. Straight up to find the Pink Beach board after about 45 minutes drive.

Just park your car there, because now there is parking service. For Cars IDR 10,000 and Motorcycles IDR 5,000. No lodging or food vendors on the pink beach, although you can set up a tent here if you happen to be visiting busy with friends. Because the location of Pink Beach is quite quiet and far from the settlement.

 East Pink Sand Beach of Lombok.
East Pink Sand Beach Lombok

3. If Mau Ke Rinjani Via Sembalun, Kira – Kira Rutenya How Ya?

This Sembalun is indeed one of the entrances to Gunung Rinjani National Park. Unfortunately to get there from Lombok Praya International Airport there is no direct public transportation. To go to Sembalun you have to rent a car or travel.

Can rent a car like Avanza or Xenia with rental price around IDR 500,000. From the airport to Sembalun will travel for approximately 2.5 hours. There is a cheaper way to get to Sembalun, but this way will be a little longer. The trick is, from the airport go up Damri with majors Mandalika, took 40 minutes and Damri ticket price is IDR 20.000.

 Mount Rinjani towering in Lombok always attracts mountaineers
Mount Rinjani soars in Lombok always attracts mountain climbers.

From mandalika ride an usually dark red car towards Aikmel Market, own tariff IDR 20,000 with a journey of less than 1, 5 hours. After sampau in Pasar Aikmel, take the public transportation to Sembalun. From Pasar Aikmel, there is usually a lot of vegetable and fruit transportation to Sembalun.

The cost from Pasar Aikmel to Sembalun is IDR 15,000 per person and travels for about 1 hour. Keep in mind that the transportation from Pasar Aikmel to Sembalun will only be there until 5 pm only. A little late, you will find it difficult to find another transporatasi

In Sembalun go down at the Mount Rinjani climbing registration post. Fill out the climb form correctly and completely. There is no special requirement to climb, but make sure you are in good health. You guys need to pay a climbing fee of IDR 5,000 per person, per day.

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