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Jomblang Cave, Only For Adventurers!

Posted at August 7, 2018 19:20 by vacasion in Vacation
Jomblang Cave, Only For Adventurers! – One question before continuing to read this article further. Approximately, what will you feel when you first do something? I guess, at least there will definitely be one of several feelings like this; Fluttering, curious, or even scared.

Take it easy, it is normal for humans. I was the same, when I would feel for the first time doing what is called caving. Yes, this is really caving, which is said to be rather extreme!

Even if the extreme caving plan in Ngerong Cave in Tuban did not fail yesterday, this time caving was the second. My heart is pounding, when I do caving activities. I do not want to back down, I will still try it, but will try to strengthen my heart, although with a slight sense [ndredeg] it did not go away from the hotel where I was staying in Prawirotaman .

 This is what will be enjoyed when you arrive at Grubug Cave later!
This will be enjoyed when you arrive at Grubug Cave later!

This time I will not delay as usual, I was prepared early in the morning with my wife and partner traveling on my very least. Yes, this time I will go to Gunung Kidul Regency for caving at Jomblang Cave . Yes, I will caving to the Jomblang Cave which connects to the Grubung Cave with that beautiful surge of light! I don't know what the light of heaven really is, because I have never even set foot in heaven myself.

That morning, with a smile that broke, Mr. Parwoto would take us to Jomblang Cave. He is a hotel driver who is always ready to help and comes on time or not late. From prawirotaman, the hotel where we were staying, the distance of Jomblang Cave was quite far. About two hours drive by car if it's smooth.

So, although I usually prefer to use a motorcycle when traveling, this time I chose to be delivered. Because you don't want a lot of energy to drain on the trip. I will focus on energy for the first caving in Jomblang Cave only.

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 The inside of the Jomblang Cave is seen when it descends
The inside of the Jomblang Cave is seen when it descends

The Jomblang Cave is now increasingly echoing its name. This cave is actually a part of many caves in Gunung Kidul Regency, Province Yogyakarta . Reportedly there are hundreds of caves in this area, but there are still some things that are suddenly famous, one of which is the Jomblang Cave.

This cave has become more famous because it was used in one episode of a traveling-themed reality show, the Amazing Race in 2011. No wonder why Jomblang Cave can become popular as it is now. Even though I'm sure, I'm not only famous for being on a TV show. But also because of the challenges in this cave.

Because they did not want to run out of opportunities, beforehand, the hotel had already ordered the manager in advance. For caving in Jomblang Cave, at least two people, with the price per person is IDR 450,000 (* data 2015). Such a price is relatively cheap, after all the exciting experiences that I will get later.

Luckily the traffic is quite smooth, so I can arrive on time as expected, around 10 am WIB. Just before the best time of caving at Jomblang Cave, it is 10-12 noon. During this time frame, it is the best time to enjoy what is known as "Cahaya Surga" in Luweng Grubug (Grubug Cave) which is at the end of Jomblang Cave. The logic is, because at these hours the sun is at the top, and the beam is maximal. As long as the weather is not cloudy or rainy.

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 Brief briefings before descending to the interior of the cave
Short briefing before descending to the interior of the cave
 Preparation before going down
Preparation before going down

When you arrived there were already two tourists from Malaysia and two other people come along with us. From his accent, I guessed them from the European country. So a total of six people will be caving in Jomblang Cave that day. The manager immediately invited us to choose shoes and helmets that will be used during caving. These shoes and helmets are very important to maintain our safety and safety when caving later.

Safety is very important here, so every participant must wear safety equipment such as helmets and boots. In fact, before going down vertically to Jomblang Cave, we were also given a brief explanation of safe caving procedures for beginners. Such as how to install and check the correct harness, to how to safely get to the cave.

Luckily for beginner cavers like me, it's still so spoiled when going down to the bottom of the cave. I just sit back and relax when the rope that holds me down has been mounted on the harness. Even so it still makes the heart beat faster when it descends into the 60 meter deep Jomblang Cave.

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 The path goes down to the inside of the Cave Jomblang
Path descends to the interior of Jomblang Cave

To enter the Cave Jomblang requires a single rope technique and then slowly descends vertically on the side of the cave wall. When it starts to go down, it might feel a little panic. However, soon the panic will turn into fun. Even sometimes I will try to capture the bottom of the cave while slowly descending.

After everything arrived safely at the base of the Jomblang Cave, our guide began to explain some details about this cave. Starting from the Jomblang Cave, it was formed due to the collapse of the topsoil and its vegetation to form a large gaping hole. Until the vegetation at the bottom of the cave is a little different from the vegetation above the ground surface.

You could say, the vegetation at the bottom of the Jomblang Cave is an ancient forest that was carried away when the topsoil collapsed. For example, our guide told a plant that resembled chilli plants, but actually it was not chili. But ancient plants that have not been identified.

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 The road is a little slippery, so be careful [19659037] The road is a little slippery, so be careful.

Whether he says it is true or not. To make sure I have to ask the biologist first if I want to know the truth. Apart from this confusing thing, the bottom of the Jomblang Cave is an amazing mini forest.

Adrenaline doesn't just stop being driven in Jomblang Cave only. On the left side where we came down there was a giant hole, my prediction was definitely more than 3 meters in diameter. "Later we will pass through the hole, scour it around 300 meters to get to Luweng Grubug" My guide said while distributing flashlights for illumination while walking through the cave.

I observed, the path to the gaping hole was not too it's hard. The footpath shows that this path is often skipped. What made me a little worried was the road that looked wet and muddy. One chose a few steps, surely the ass will kiss with the ground because it slipped.

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 Limits of the existence of sunlight and parts of the inner passages of the earth
Limits of the existence of sunlight and parts of the earth's inner passages

Indeed towards the end of the rainy season, along the search routes are so muddy. In my opinion, I'm still so lucky because it doesn't rain. If it's raining, it's certain that the conditions will get worse.

With conditions not too wet, I almost slipped several times even though I was already vigilant in choosing a route that was only enough for one person to pass. Caution and careful selection of footholds is a must when caving with these lane conditions.

As you enter the underground corridor of the Jomblang Cave, slowly the sun begins to fade. In the middle of the passageway that connects Jomblang Cave and Grubug Cave, there is only an eternal darkness. A sensation this time I just felt, there was a little fear, but adrenaline was also stimulated.

 In the middle of the hall there is only eternal darkness
In the middle of the hall there is only eternal darkness 19659007] In this position, sunlight is no longer visible. The lighting was replaced by two flashlights held by the guide and one of my group. Strange, but real, it turns out that this eternal darkness doesn't scare me. I actually feel more excited while occasionally stopping and pressing the shutter to capture this extraordinary moment.

After a while walking while continuing to be vigilant and down the dark hallway, slowly the sound of water began to sound. That means we have approached Grubug Cave which is famous for its heavenly light. At the end of the hallway, faintly visible sunlight began again

"Oh, so this is the Light of Heaven" I muttered in my heart, after I saw the ray of light emanating from the hole not too big for the first time. The hole is approximately 90 meters above.

 I can finally see what is called the heavenly light
I can finally see what is called the heavenly light

The size is indeed much smaller than the hole in the Jomblang Cave, but it is still possible to pass by descending vertically from above. Maybe for professionals, you will definitely choose this route rather than going down through Jomblang Cave.

Not so far from the light falling from the hole above, there is a large 1945 stalagmite which is most likely formed from drops of water containing lime from above. . There is the smallest place to capture the moment with the background of "Light of Heaven".

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 Cave Jomblang, Only For Adventurers!
Jomblang Cave, Only For Adventurers!

Yes, this place is the end of the journey of adventurers who like to adrenaline. It starts from the Jomblang Cave, passes through the corridor with eternal darkness, and ends in the place of the existence of the light of heaven. I also started capturing this amazing scene with my camera. Considering that the sun will soon start to fall slowly from its peak.

Indeed, this place is second to none, the journey is almost perfect except the path is a bit muddy but full of challenges. All tired, and the struggle paid off with the scenery. Smiling lightly I said to myself "Today's mission is achieved, let's continue the next mission of adventure in Yogyakarta."

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