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Kasunanan Palace Surakarta, Solo! – LiburMulu.Com

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Kasunanan Palace Surakarta, Solo! – LiburMulu.Com

LiburMulu.Com – If you visit Solo, it's not complete if you don't stop by one of the coolest historical and cultural attractions in Surakarta City . Historical tourism, as well as the cool heritage solo . This tourist place in Solo is called Surakarta Kasunanan Palace or better known as Surakarta Palace. The location of the palace is adjacent to other Solo City tourism icons such as the Great Mosque and Klewer Market.

Of course there, you will be able to visit historical sites in Solo City, and witness the magnificent old buildings that are still standing tall. In its heyday, the palace building which was quite spacious was used by the palace to carry out all functions of the palace and also the government as a whole. Now, its function is increasing as a cool tourist spot in Solo.

 Unique roof of the palace, the carving is cool!
The unique roof of the palace, the carvings are cool! [19659006] As a historical tourist attraction, Surakarta Kasunanan Palace also has a museum with cool collections that you can enjoy. There you can see various kinds of typical relics of the palace on display. Starting from the collection of daily accessories of the palace and also unique objects that have been used by the palace and their families.

Inside the museum in Surakarta Palace, you will also be able to see various gifts from kings in Europe, a set of musical instruments traditional gamelan and also a replica of the palace heirloom which has witnessed the historical development of the Surakarta Palace.

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 Cannon guarding Solo Kasunanan Palace
Meriam guarding Solo Kasunanan Palace

When viewed in terms of building architecture, visitors would agree with the statement that the Surakarta Palace has a very luxurious traditional Javanese court architecture design and majestic. It might even be one of the best architectural designs.

This could happen because it was due to the restoration process carried out by Paku Buwono X in 1893-1939. He adopted a mixed European and Javanese architectural style filled with shades of blue and white so that it calmed down anyone who built the palace building. the palace building was so similar. That was true, because Pangeran Mangkubumi, who became Sultan Hamengkubuwono I in Yogyakarta was the architect who built the Surakarta Palace. Not surprisingly, the Yogyakarta Palace building adopted the structure of the building in the Surakarta Palace.

 Counters to buy tickets to the Solo Kasunanan Palace
Counters to buy admission tickets into Solo Kasunanan Palace

Try visiting you at Surakarta Kasunanan Palace, after visiting Yogyakarta Palace. You will find a lot of similarities. The Kasunanan Surakarta Palace is located in Baluwarti Village, Pasar Kliwon Sub-District, Surakarta City, Central Java.

Take it easy, this place is in the city center so that almost all public transportation can take you there. In addition, you can also use other public transport services. You can also use taxis, horse carts, rickshaws, or even Solo Batik Trans. Don't be afraid to get lost, because many Solo residents are good, so you can try asking.

Yes, you can ask local residents to get to Surakarta Kasunanan Palace. Especially if you are on your first vacation to Solo and really want to get to the Surakarta Palace without a lot of obstacles. Or you can use a taxi as the main choice that you can use to go to the palace in the center of Surakarta.

 There are guide services that can guide around the Solo Kasunanan Palace

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