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Mountain Puntang, Vacation While Camping!

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Mountain Puntang, Vacation While Camping!

LiburMulu.Com – Puntang Mountain is one of the holiday destinations in Bandung for you who love the fresh nature tour. namely Mount Puntang. Yes, usually this tourist spot is often used as a place for camping. Every day also many people who come here for just a vacation.

It is a vacation to the Mountain Puntang, removing the barrier and just walking along the nature with friends and family is a fun activity. Forever forget the routine and enjoy the Mount Puntang located more or less at 1300 meters above sea level will feel very fun

 Mount Puntang is one of the cool mountain tourism in Bandung
Mount Puntang is one of the cool mountain resort in Bandung via

Kalian no need to be surprised if the air in these mountains is very cool, normally a dozen degrees Celsius only. Therefore, Puntang Mountain is also very popular for nature lovers. On certain days, maybe when you visit here you will find many groups of nature lovers who shouldered their backpacks on their backs.

That is indeed the way they picnic at this resort near Bandung. They will make the climb and then camp at Mount Puntang. The mountain bike lovers also make this tourist spot one of his favorite places. Because the area of ​​Mount Puntang is also very supportive to practice their mountain biking skills.

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 Spur your bike here too (19659010) Spurred your bike here too!
Spurred your bike here too! via

The bicycle track on Mount Puntang is up and down, which definitely pumps adrenaline. There are also many challenges that keep cyclists happy. Prepare a special bike for use on the mountain, if you want to try the mountain bike trail challenge on this mountain

Or, if you do not want to tire and just want to relax, just come with family and walk around the foot of the mountains while enjoy the cool air typical of Bandung. Of course, while enjoying the scenery super kece around here.

Long ago, Mount Puntang is famous for its exciting atmosphere for adventure, as well asik for vacation. No wonder if the adventurers and lovers of nature tourism always like to visit here

 Yaking do not want to vacation here
Yaking do not want to vacation here? via

Now, behind all that, there is a historical value that is also interesting to be explored about the existence of this mountain. It is said that Mountain Puntang in the colonial era was one of the strategic communication channels. It was mentioned that in 1923, they also built the radio station that was once the largest radio station in the world.

Because of its strategic location also, the radio broadcast from Puntang Mountain can be heard even to the far away Netherlands. Err, if the name is radio waves, usually it can get far away anyway. Unbelievably weird! Indeed, from the location mentioned that Mount Puntang has an ideal point for the establishment of radio stations.

The truth of the existence of radio stations during the Dutch colonization is strengthened by the presence of power generation resources in the area Dago, Dayeuh Kolot and Pangalengan. In addition to supporting the existence of radio stations, but also to support the housing power source for its employees.

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 Morning in Peak Mega 2223 mdpl
Mornings at Peak Mega 2223 mdpl via

Namun unfortunately, it is now hardly visible at all of the exiles and radio stations around Mount Puntang. What is still little visible is the wide-open field of the former settlement, and some of the remaining walls.

In addition to radio stations, there is also a large pond called the pool of love. Giving his name not far away from the shape of the pool that is like a heart shape. But once again, unfortunately, like the former radio station building, the pond was also not maintained.

Mount Puntang is located not far from the city of Bandung. The location is in South Bandung and is still included in the cluster of Mount Malabar. The complete address is located in Cimaung Village, Banjaran or about 40 km from the city center of Bandung.

 Curug Siliwangi is one of the tourist attractions that must be visited here
Curug Siliwangi is one of the tourist attractions must be visited here via

For those of you who want a holiday to a tourist attraction near Bandung is by private vehicle, you can drive a vehicle through the toll and then out of Soreang toll gate, and headed to Cimaung Village. Alternatively, you can also get out of Buah Batu toll road to Banjaran first, just take directions to Cimaung. Both can be skipped to get to Mount Puntang tourist attractions.

Meanwhile, for you who want to reach Mount Puntang by public transportation can also really. You can use angkot with the final destination Soreang or Dayeuh Kolot. After that you have to continue again by taking local transportation to the direction of Cimaung. Tariff or cost this angkot ride around IDR 5000-7500. For a long journey it will be about 30 minutes from Dayeuh Kolot terminal or Soreang terminal.

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 You can spend time with camper (19659036) You can spend your time with an exciting camper at Mount Puntang <em> via[19659006] The tourist attractions near Bandun impose admission tickets, though not too expensive. There you can buy entrance tickets that cost around IDR 10.000 rupiah. But if you bring a private vehicle, you will be charged again about IDR 3,000-15.000 rupiah, depending on the type of vehicle that you bring. </p>
<p> Relax, ticket prices will be worth the beautiful scenery you get there. A moment after entering the area of ​​Puntang Mountain, you will be greeted with the sound of gurgling fresh water is also high pohongyang nan shady. The cool, fresh air will slowly caress the skin slowly. All this will certainly add to the excitement of holiday in this tourist spot. </p>
<figure id= This mountain tour is an alternative to exciting holiday near the city of Bandung
This mountain tour is an alternative near Bandung City via

For those of you who come bring family and want to stay, you can take them to recreation in Bougenville area. In this area there is a villa to stay there is also a swimming pool for families. But for those of you who just want a holiday without staying, you can walk around the foot of Mount Puntang.

One interesting attraction of Puntang Mountain is the existence of the Siliwangi waterfall. Surely this is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Banding. But the location of this waterfall is quite far from the parking lot, or about 4 kilometers from the car park area. Other attractions include the Malabar volcanic heritage sites, the above-mentioned love pools, as well as the mysterious Dutch Cave.

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Puntang Mountain with beautiful scenery via

Disebuted that the Dutch Cave on Mount Puntang is the length of the hall is only about 20 meters. Reportedly this cave is actually deeper, but the rest was deliberately closed due to many visitors who lost when entering this cave. According to the scattered story, if the cave is not closed, the end of the cave will pass through to Pangalengan where there is a source of electricity for the radio station transmitter.

For a more exciting experience, it is recommended that you camp here. You can come to the camping area located not far from this place. Yes, the loss really dong when it comes to Mount Puntang but did not spend time to camping goods one or two nights. But remember! (19659051) Puntang Mountain Location Map on Google Maps ” width=”800″ height=”391″ srcset=” 1364w, 300w, 768w, 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” data-recalc-dims=”1″/>

Puntang Mountain Map Maps on Google Maps

Puntang Mountain located in the southern city of Bandung is very easy to achieve with various modes of transportation. For those of you who want to go there with Google Maps guide, you can see it here .

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