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68 Beaches in Yogyakarta, Beaches in the Most Beautiful Jogja Are Here

Posted at August 27, 2018 0:30 by vacasion in Vacation

Want to vacation to some beaches Beaches In Yogyakarta ? Want to visit some of the beautiful beaches in Jogja? Or look for a nice beach in Jogja for Instagram photos? Read first this holiday guide to Yogyakarta ! Indeed, Yogyakarta was one of the popular destinations for vacationing in Indonesia. There are many destinations […]

Extraordinary Beaches From Around the World!

Posted at August 26, 2018 15:24 by vacasion in Vacation

LiburMulu.Com – Among you, surely no one gets bored with the name of a vacation to the beach . Because this beach can always remove fatigue from the name of routine! On the beach, everyone can have fun, spending time while accompanied by waves, complete with a refreshing sea breeze. Not only that, by the […]

Entrance Ticket Prices, How to Go to Greweng Beach

Posted at August 26, 2018 6:18 by vacasion in Vacation

Have you been camping on the beach Greweng? Finding a holiday atmosphere sometimes requires a brilliant idea. It's not always easy, because the boring atmosphere will only make the vacation less than optimal. For those of you who still have the spirit of adventure, why not try an outdoor vacation? Even not just that, but […]

Tidore That Makes Heart Fall!

Posted at August 25, 2018 21:14 by vacasion in Vacation

"That Tidore" Acho index finger pointed to one island across. "From here (Ternate) to Tidore how long?" "Ten minutes" "The cost of crossing it?" " If only ten thousand people, if the motorbike and the person twenty-five thousand " " Tomorrow there, " " Come on " Twilight at Tidore [19659011] That was my short […]

Entrance Ticket Prices, How to Go to Jungwok Beach

Posted at August 25, 2018 12:11 by vacasion in Vacation

Another interesting destination beach to be explored in Gunungkidul, namely Jungwok Beach. This beach is beautiful with white sand and blue sea water. But it is not only that which is interesting from this beach. This beach besides being beautiful is also quite extensive. Visiting this beach, you will see the beautiful habitat of various […]

Create Your Own American Visa for Traveler!

Posted at August 25, 2018 3:07 by vacasion in Vacation

LiburMulu.Com – Making an American (US) Visa is probably a scary scary for most travelers. Some say that making an American (US) Visa is the most difficult. But of course there is no word surrender for a traveler. Although it is rather difficult if you read this Guide to Making a US (US) Visa in […]

Enchantment of Central Java Tourism – LiburMulu.Com

Posted at August 24, 2018 18:06 by vacasion in Vacation – As archipelago 1945 Indonesia certainly had various types of tourist destinations that attracted both foreign and local tourists. Even with the existence of thousands of islands, this country is believed to still hold hundreds of tourist destinations that have not been 'touched' or 'virgin'. But the limitations of transportation and infrastructure that are […]

Upside Down World Jogja Indonesia

Posted at August 24, 2018 9:05 by vacasion in Vacation

LiburMulu.Com – Upside Down World Jogja, it was the name of the latest tourist spot in Yogyakarta . Previously, this unusual tourist spot had been opened on Bali and was quite successful as a tourist spot for selfies here and there. Who doesn't like selfies in such cool and unique tourist attractions? Now, this tourist […]

Unusual and Anti-mainstream Destinations Bali is Must Be Entered into Your Itinerary!

Posted at August 24, 2018 0:04 by vacasion in Vacation

LiburMulu.Com – " Bali again, Bali Again? Bored ah … There is no other destination than that, huh? " That might be the word of everyone who has been to Bali too often, but when vacationing there, he was just a party on Jalan Legian, perched on Kuta, or just to Dreamland Beach. Then go […]

Instagramable Hits Singles Hill in Tulungagung

Posted at August 23, 2018 15:01 by vacasion in Vacation

Have you been to Bukit Jomblo Tulungagung ? Yes, now there are many new tourist attractions in Tulungagung. Perhaps also because of the social media effect, or indeed tourism in Indonesia is now increasingly popular and much in demand. Previously one of the tourist attractions in Tulungagung which had hits and was popular on social […]

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