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Tell a Different Ramadan, Get a Gift of 20 Million Total Shopping Vouchers!

Posted at September 20, 2018 21:00 by vacasion in Vacation
Tell a Different Ramadan, Get a Gift of 20 Million Total Shopping Vouchers!

Lebaran has come, Ramadan has passed with lots of exciting things. Surely the travelers have many interesting stories during the month of Ramadan yesterday. Well, let's share the interesting story at the Ramadhan contest Like Never Before!

Because by telling your unique and different Ramadan experience, you can have the opportunity to get a shopping voucher prize of up to Rp. 20,000,000 (twenty million rupiah). Wow, how much shopping can it be? It must be a lot!

Travelers, if you want to win, tell your most unique experiences during Ramadan. story of experience Ramadhan Like Never Before so! It should be noted, this competition only took place in the period June 6, 2017 until July 2, 2017!

 Embrace the story of the Ramadhan experience competition Like Never Before, win tens of millions of shopping voucher prizes!
The story of the Ramadhan experience competition Like Never Before, win tens of millions of shopping vouchers!

How do you do it anyway?

Patience …

See the video below …

Then …

Telkom Indonesia through Telkom Digital account will invite you to share the experience of Ramadan in 2017 by sharing photos / videos and stories on the caption on Facebook or Instagram (you can choose one of the social media and maybe both). What is clear, the more unique the more posts the greater the chance to win!

Traveler, this is the mechanism so that your story has a chance of winning:

 How to post Ramadhan Like Never Before on Facebook and instagram
How to post a Ramadhan Like Never Before contest on Facebook and Instagram

Isn't that easy? All travelers just have to tell us about the exciting experiences during Ramadan on Facebook or Instagram!

How to add Ramadan Contest Like Never Before

Add on Facebook

For participants on Facebook: Upload themed stories "Ramadhan Like Never Before" in the comments column for the Ramadan promo Like Never Before video post on the Telkom Digital fanspage (you can find the link to the video here: ) [19659002] For example this …

"The experience of Ramadan Like Never Before me: Crazy, this year I was able to go to Europe after the fasting month. But I don't expect that fasting in Europe is really hard because the fasting time is longer in Indonesia. But because of that I can also be grateful to be an Indonesian because I don't need to experience it every year # RLNB2017 #TelkomDigital #NeverBefore "

Or like the example below:

 Example of posting on Facebook
Example of posting on Facebook

Add on Instagram

For participants on Instagram: Upload the story themed "Ramadhan Like Never Before" on your Instagram feed. In short, like when sharing cool photos on Instagram as usual.

Requirements for Ramadhan Contest Like Never Before

Now, how to post has been explained above right? Then before you go along, you should read the terms first, so that you will not be wrong when posting the story! Start the story with the phrase "Ramadhan Like Never Before the version of me / me / me …"

  • Use the hashtag # RLNB2017 #TelkomDigital #NeverBefore
  • Mentions on 2 close friends or caption 2 of your family so they know your exciting story. Is it a pity if an exciting story reads a little? Yes, no?
  • Mentions on the @TelkomDigital caption / tag so that the admin can easily see your story. For you Instagram participants, don't forget the comment "Already told, min!" In the promo content of this event on the IG Telkom Digital feed, you can find the Instagram account and follow it on @TelkomDigital
  • FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions !

    For those who are still confused or want to ask, try searching below, who knows your question has been answered below. So, read well so that the chance to win is greater!

    Q: What is the story of Ramadan Like Never Before?
    A: For example, telling the excitement of this year it feels different fasting on another continent. Must fast in the middle of a tiring big project. Fasting with new people who are different cultures. There is your latest work in your Ramadan. Or your child's first full fast experience full of funny stories. And another exciting story of your version!

    Q: When did the delivery of the story close? And when will the winner be announced?
    A: The story contest period starts from June 6 2017 until July 2, 2017.
    So, there are 27 days for you who want to participate J. Winners will be announced on July 7, 2017 Please ask for other questions directly in this notes comment field.

    Q: There are other terms and conditions to be a winner?
    A: All stories must be fun and very personal. Therefore, to select the committee winners, they will select the story based on:

    1. Likes Telkom Indonesia Facebook fan page here or follow @TelkomDigital Instagram account (depending on your participants in FB or IG) [19659031] The quality of photos / videos is good, contains a "like never before" moment and is able to tell a simple story
    2. The story in the caption explains the excitement of the story in a photo / video. Not using rough, racist, provocative and offensive language.
    3. Not changing the story after being posted
    4. Following the tips above, the committee's decision cannot be contested. We are trying to appreciate your story based on the quality of the content and originality.

    Now … The Prize!

    Relax, there are dozens of prizes in the race telling the Ramadan experience Like Never Before!

    • 1st place at FB & IG, each of them vouchers worth IDR 5,000,000
    • 2nd place at FB & IG, each getting vouchers worth IDR 3,000,000
    • 20 favorite winners at FB & IG, each getting a Blanja voucher. com worth Rp. 100,000

    It's really pretty much getting that extra THR! If you win, don't forget to buy mimin too! Come on, share your most exciting Ramadhan Like Never Before story, and win the prize!

    Sharing is fun!