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The World's Best Destinations For Girls Who Love To Travel Alone!

Posted at August 7, 2018 1:17 by vacasion in Vacation
The World's Best Destinations For Girls Who Love To Travel Alone! – What guys do, believe that girls can do it too. Yes, one of them was a solo trip 1945 or an independent trip down the corner of the world. Even so, men who used to lead and begin the biggest exploration in history. Women here can also do it. The starting point of women starting to travel alone might have occurred in the 19th and 20th centuries. When brave women like Harriet Adams, Gertrude Bell, and Nellie Bly explored several continents.

Today, though sometimes the danger still follows women traveling solo girl tourists who travel alone continue to grow. Some of the stories of the courageous women have even been portrayed in famous books and films such as Eat, Pray, Love.

Now, are you a cool girl who is challenged to do a thrilling solo trip? Maybe you can start by determining the destination from the list of 15 World's Best Destinations For Girls Who Like Traveling Alone!

1. Paris, France

 Paris, France.
Paris, France.

If you are a girl who loves romance and fashion, then Paris, France is the perfect place for you. This Paris was one of the countries which was rich in culture, photogenic architecture and unique specialties. Paris also attracts thousands of fans of romance, and is also one of the best fashion cities in the world for you to visit alone! Don't forget to shop, right??

2. Bali, Indonesia

 Bali, Indonesia.
Bali, Indonesia

At Eat, Pray, Love, Bali was Elizabeth's last stop where she found love there . Volcanic islands in Indonesia will amaze you with a lot of world-class white sand beaches. Of course there is a lot of history and authentic Asian cuisine you can enjoy here. Bali also offers some fun activities like yoga and meditation physically and mentally for relaxation after a long journey.

3. Red Center, Australia

 Red Center, Australia.
Red Center, Australia.

As the name implies, this Red Center is a large desert that is truly red and right in the middle of Australia. Here not only the red color looks beautiful, but also the atmosphere of contrasting the blue sky and the surrounding green vegetation. Not only during the daytime, the sky also looks beautiful at night, because of the spread of thousands of stars in the sky. This makes it a perfect place for female solo travelers. Oh yes, around this Red Center is also still used as a place for local residents who also sacred it.

4. Bend, Oregon, United States

 Bend, Oregon, United States.
Bend, Oregon, United States. United States because it is part of the Pacific Crest Trail that stretches from California to British Columbia. For solo female travelers who like adventure, hiking and camping, this is a place that can't be missed. You can do kayaking on the river, rock climbing, rowing on the lake, skiing, and more.

5. Hongkong

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Hong Kong without a doubt, is one of the beloved shopping capitals of the Asian region. That's why if you, girls who like to go alone and like shopping, Hong Kong will be perfect for you. Besides shopping, Hong Kong is also good for culinary enthusiasts, there are many unique and tasty foods to be found here. Finally, Hong Kong also has a fun Disneyland theme park!

6. Machu Picchu, Peru

 Machu Picchu, Peru.
Machu Picchu, Peru.

Are you girls who like history and archeology? Make sure you enter a visit to this famous Machu Picchu into a casual itinerary. This is a place that is a visited UNESCO World Heritage Site in Peru. Although visiting this place can be very challenging for a girl, but this place really amazes anyone. Ancient buildings still stand tall and become a mystery to the world. Visiting Machu Picch is like going back to a mysterious past.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

 Copenhagen, Denmark.
Copenhagen, Denmark.

Located quite majestically on the coast of Denmark, Copenhagen, the Danish capital is a colorful city. Small town that is easy to explore and full of life 24 hours / 7 days a week. Copenhagen offers an endless shopping place, interesting culinary and nightlife experiences. Because of its location between mainland Europe and Scandinavia, the city exhibits a unique cultural mix.

8. Hilo, Hawaii

 Hilo, Hawaii.
Hilo, Hawaii.

Hilo, found on the largest island of Hawaii, contains a variety of natural treasures. There are a number of beaches where you can choose based on your favorite sand colors like black, gray, brown and white. Besides this place is home to the Pana'ewa Rainforest Zoo, which is the only zoo in the United States that was built in the tropical rain forest. You can also visit the observatory at an altitude of 11,000 feet, in the mountains of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea.

9. Batanes, Philippines

 Batanes, Philippines.
Batanes, Philippines.

With countless stunning beaches, it's no wonder that crowds of women and backpackers flock bondong to Batanes, Philippines. Besides its beautiful beaches and verdant forests, this Filipino utopia will also delight you with its relaxed atmosphere. Do not forget the interesting local culture, also the verdant nature around it. Batanes is one of the best places to relax and disappear from the crowds in Southeast Asia.

10. Kyoto, Japan

 Kyoto, Japan.
Kyoto, Japan .

From the 700s to the 1800s, ordinary Japanese royal families spend time relaxing around Kyoto. Even Kyoto was once the capital of Japan, then moved to Tokyo. Now, Kyoto is an attractive destination with thousands of interesting temples, parks and palaces. Some of the most famous tourist destinations in Kyoto are Fushimi Inari Shrine and Arashiyama. Besides that here you can do a lot of activities here. Such as cooking classes and traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.

11. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

 El Nido, Palawan, Philippines.
El Nido, Palawan, Philippines.

Once crowned as one of the most romantic destinations in ASEAN, El Nido is a work of beauty and art from the wild. Because of that El Nido is a must-visit destination for solo female travelers who love the outdoors. Indeed, here is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. Besides walking and swimming, here you can try kayaking and rock climbing.

12. Moscow, Russia

 Moscow, Russia.
Moscow, Russia.

Why visit Russia, said the country is a little scary? Why not? Moscow is actually a city with culture and art that is quite interesting. Perhaps one of the most photographed buildings here is St. Basil Cathedral. Besides that there are many sensations and things to do in Moscow too. For example, you can admire well-preserved typical architecture, enjoy past history through a time machine called a museum. Or maybe just attending an event at their opera house, and of course there is much more that can be done here!

13. Singapore

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As one of the safest countries in the world, there is no doubt that this small country is a mandatory destination for female tourists who like me take a trip. Not to mention, Singapore has many activities that can be done. In addition to one of the best shopping destinations in Asia, a multicultural country, the cuisine is also quite tempting.

14. Marrakech, Morocco

 Marrakech, Morocco.
Marrakech, Morocco.

Morocco is quite famous in many ways. Marrkech has a beautiful view and has become a shooting location for several blockbuster films such as Gladiator and Mission Impossible 5. If you might be a geek movie and then visit tourist attractions like Ait Benhaddou where some scenes from Game Thrones are taken, it would be very fun. Don't forget to explore some corners of the old city of Marrakech too.

15. Mexico, Mexico

 Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

If you are a foodie or culinary fan girl, then you might be so excited to try the dishes served in Mexico. This lively and lively city provides a variety of flavorful culinary experiences. Restaurants like Pujol that are known and globally certainly attract many tourists from all over the world to come and try directly Mexican cuisine.

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Gallery of The World's Best Destinations For Girls Who Love To Travel Alone!

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