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Vacation Place In Central Java For Instagram Photo

Posted at July 22, 2018 5:56 by vacasion in Vacation
Vacation Place In Central Java For Instagram Photo

LiburMulu.Com – If anyone asks, what is the holiday place in Central Java that? Surely most answered Borubudur Temple, then Punthuk Setumbu also Pigeon-shaped Building in Magelang which later became more and more famous for the AADC2 movie (Ada Apa Dengan Cinta).

In fact, furthermore, the vacation spot in Central Java is not just the second one. Many places tours in Central Java are stormy, especially for you guys who hooked hunters Instagram photos. So, middle java can not be underestimated. You see, there are quite a lot of holiday places in Central Java that can spoil the eyes and the camera.

 Holiday Vacation In Central Java For Those Who Hunt Photo Instagram!

If you are looking for a cool trekking place with cheap fees, Punthuk Mongkrong you can try. Punthuk this one is located on the slope Menoreh, precisely in the Village. Giritengah, Borobudur . Or about 5 km away from Borobudur Temple. Like other punthuk in Magelang, Punthuk Mongkrong also offers a very charming landscape, such as sunrise and sunset, the mountains are wrapped in a thin mist and also the rimbunnya trees

Puthuk Mongkrong has a height of 624 masl and presents a golden light charm that is not less beautiful which is in the mountains. Interestingly, to enjoy the beauty you do not need to tatter first as it does when you climb the mountain. to be at the top peak, you only take 30 minutes. Time is relatively fast, is not it?

To get to Punthuk Mongkrong, you can take the southern route that is via Badrawati Street, continue your journey until then arrive at the intersection of Tuksong village. Well, from the intersection of Seganan turn right, then straight up to meet Karanganyar Village Hall, continue your journey until you find Giritenga Village Hall.

Arriving at Giritenaga Village, you will be taken through the narrow and uphill roads of rice. Arriving at a small gang filled with people's homes, it's a little more sign you will arrive at the entrance of Puntuk Mongkrong.

2. House Igir Wringin Tree

 Igir Wringin Tree House by IG @rumah_pohon_igir_wringin
Igir Wringin Tree House by IG @rumah_pohon_igir_wringin

Despite its name drowning from other regions, but who would have thought if Purbalingga turned out to have many interesting tourist destinations. One of the most recent hits is Igir Wringin Tree House.

The famous destination for social media is Panusupan Village, Kec. Rembang, Kab. Purbalingga, Central Java. Igir Wringin Tree House is expected to advance the tourism sector in Purbalingga, because it is now Panusupan Village known as Tourism Village.

This destination became so hits because this Tree House presents extraordinary charm of the morning visitors. You will certainly feel the loss, if not visiting while in Purbalingga. When it arrives at its peak you will be able to witness the landscape of Purbalingga and the beauty of nature backed by Mount Slamet

3. Bukit Panenjoan

 Bukit Panenjoan Dusn Babakan, Wanoja Village, Salem District, Brebes, Central Java by IG @ ikhwan28_
Hill Panenjoan Dusn Babakan, Wanoja Village, Salem Sub-district, Brebes, Central Java by IG @ ikhwan28_

Located not far from Jln. Raya Windusakti-Capar. Precisely, at Dsn. Babakan, Dsa. Wanoja, Kec. Salem, Brebes, Central Java. Bukit Panenjoan is a tourist destination hits the nature of Brebes city that is currently so popular. In the form of hills that provide beautiful natural scenery nan green guided by mountain landscape.

This one hill will be very capable to remove the fatigue and bored you feel. Do not hesitate to visit, because access to this tourist location is good enough, you will pass the streets up and down and winding. But it is still fun because you will be spoiled by the charm of the natural scenery that peculiarly rural.

There is a viewing post that became the main spot on the Panjenoan Hill. It would be very damaging if you do not immortalize the image in this one spot. Bukit Panenjoan also has a number of facilities, namely the seat to sit for enjoying the natural tour, and food stalls.

It is expected to be patient waiting in line, because in the viewing post, there are many tourists who also want to get photos of hits in this place. The best time of visit in the morning, ie when the sun is on the eastern horizon

4. Telkom Peak Viewpoint

 Viewership of Suroteleng Boyolali by IG @sumawantoedi
Viewers of Suroteleng Boyolali by IG @sumawantoedi

Still about destinations in the form of substation of view, the destination not long ago this is not less beautiful in presenting the panorama of natural mountains and green hills in Purbalingga. The location is more perfect because it provides fresh air and able to momentarily release tired. For those of you who really need a comfortable place around Central Java, come to Gardu Pandang Peak Telkom located in Purbalingga.

Because the viewpoint of Telkom Peak is still managed jointly by local residents, worthy of a tourist destination. So you are supposed to be orderly and cautious. But even so, the beauty of Telkom Summit Station can still be enjoyed freely.

The best visit time in the afternoon, when the sun is ready to sink in the western horizon. Or if you want a more romantic atmosphere, you also can still visit at night, from here you will see the sparkling city lights that are so moody

5. Peak Sendaren

 Sendaren summit in Karang Gedang Hamlet, Panusupan Village, Rembang District, Purbalingga by IG @ vitaputris

Have you been to Boyolali ?! If not, immediately go to the destination that is hits this one. Peak Suroteleng, located in Suroteleng Village, Selo District. At the peak of Suroteleng, one of the resorts in Central Java which Instagramgenik is, you will embrace a viewing post

Not an ordinary viewpoint, but a view point that can give you a wonderful view of nature and fascinating. From this substation you will see the harmonization of nature between Mount Merbabu, Mount Sindoro and the elegance of Boyolali city wrapped by green trees.

Although access to this location is quite extreme, but all will be paid when you arrive at Suroteleng Viewpoint. Because it is still managed by local residents, making the Suroteleng Surga Pandang does not have many decent facilities. So you must be careful and obey the rules so as not to damage the nature, hopefully the local government can give attention

7. Bukit Pentulu Indah

 The Hill of Pentulu Indah Dukuh Dakah, Kec. Karangsambung, Kab. Kebumen, Central Java by iG @m_dicka

Bukit Pentulu Indah is a tourist destination where you can witness the phenomenon of sunrise epic with exotic mist with background of Gunung Sindoro and and Sumbing Mountain. This hill is also known as PI hill, located in the area of ​​Paras Mountains, precisely in Dakah Hamlet, Kec. Karangsambung, Kab. Kebumen, Central Java.

The location of one of the tourist places ngehits in Central Java is located about 21 km from the city of Kebumen. The specialty of this hill is that, since the hill of PI Karang Sambung only has a height of 300 meters above sea level, visitors do not have to bother to reach it.

For those of you who are interested to visit it, please follow the following route this; If from the square Kebumen you can take the direction to market Mertokondo, then turn right through Jalan Raya Karangsambung. After passing LIPI, you will find a wooden sign saying "PI 1.5 Km". Then that is the direction that will lead you to the hill of Pentulu Indah or Bukit PI.


How ?! Have you decided which selfie option to go? Or maybe want to visit one by one ?! It's okay but keep order and be careful yes! Being at the height, you should focus more on using the camera while capturing the moment. Congratulations on vacation!

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